Monday, January 2, 2012


I am so excited for this new year!

As is customary, I decided to make a list of my goals for this year. 
I love having things to focus on throughout the year and having a list makes it more official...don'tcha think?

1. Get my lazy booty to the gym (I know....EVERYONE and their dog makes this resolution, but I am for reals. Bye bye chub!)
2. Get straight A's (Or at least mostlyyyyy straight A's)
3. Put effort into a good relationship 
4. Serve others
5. Be more diligent about scripture study and prayers
6. Make time for ALL of my friends
7. Smile at strangers and make an effort to touch people's lives in some little way everyday
8. Learn how to use my camera
9. Learn how to play the guitar
10. Try not to over-think things (This one is gonna be challenging!)

Quote of the Day: 

What is on your list this year? I'd love to know :)

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Amy said...

Lets go to the BYU gym together!! I need to get into good walking/ biking shape if you know what I mean...