About Me

I am a 20 year old daughter, sister, and friend. I am currently attending Brigham Young University and working towards a degree in Family Studies with a Business minor. My friends and family can attest that I cry when I laugh, and I'm not talking about one glistening tear...I mean waterfalls of tears. I will without shame mention that I have actually peed my pants from laughing. 

If you have not left my blog for thinking that I am a freak after reading that.......I will continue.

I am extremely girly and love clothes, shoes, and make-up. I do not have a favorite color. If I had to choose, I would say that I love bright colors, and when I say bright, I mean fluorescent, like a highlighter. I am a sucker for anything yellow, green, or orange.

 You will rarely see me without polish on my nails. This is not because I am vain or self-absorbed, color on my fingers just makes me happy! I have never been one of those girls that goes to the nail salon every-week. As long and my hand is steady, why pay someone to do something that I can do just as well?

I consider myself an optimistic person and am a happy girl. I hum ALL of the time and make up songs for whatever task is at hand. If I am making pancakes, I sing about it...yes, I'm weird. I LOVE music and can pretty much sing word-for-word any song that I hear on the radio. I am a major fan of John Mayer...the dude's legit. I am a loyal friend and am always happy to listen and give advice when it is asked for. 

I am a people person, but I also enjoy lazy nights in my pjs...eating ice-cream, and watching "Say yes to the dress". I am weirdly obsessed with the lives of celebrities. I love design and am probably the most domestic 20 year-old you will ever meet. I love to meet new people and make new friends.

Whaddya say? Wanna be friends?