Tuesday, October 30, 2012

To make you think, laugh, smile, and "awwww"

Have you ever had one of those  lazy enjoyable Sunday afternoons where all you wanna do is watch youtube videos? 

Duh. Of course you have.

Well this Sunday was one of those awesomely lazy ones.

I found some gems that I just have to share.

You know how sometimes even though chocolate is AMAZING you crave something fruity? (Let's be honest though...when do I not crave chocolate?)

Or those days when instead of sweet, you crave salty? 

Lucky for you, I have videos to suit everyone's taste-buds .

1. If you are craving a game-changer, this video is for you.

So the "I hate when I chew mint gum and my ice water is too cold" comment....has definitely been said on more than one occasion by yours truly. Hearing my subconscious thoughts in this context really made me think about all the annoying little things, that really aren't so bad after-all.

2. If you are craving something to make you laugh:

Am I the only person that falls asleep listening to the lull of Liam Neeson's voice?! It is like a freaking lullaby!

  3. I you are craving something to make you smile, look no further!

Wasn't that awesome! Seeing the creativity of others never ceases to make me smile in amazement. Our bodies are indeed beautiful, powerful things!

4. Last, but certainly not least, here comes the "awwwww".

Warning: Baby hungry folks beware.

Why don't I look this cute when I am sleepy?! 

I hope you guys are all having an awesome Tuesday! If not, I hope these videos made things at least a tiny bit better :)

Quote of the Day:

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Thursday, October 25, 2012


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I am currently sitting snug in a warm little house: listening to the quiet buzzing of a baby monitor and watching the snow fall down outside.

Wearing: Jeans and high knee socks
Feeling: Content

The little boys that I nanny are peacefully occupied. One is napping. The other, looking out the window; transfixed by the falling snow.

Some of you may disagree with me, but snow just does a mind good, at least this girl's mind (don't even get me started on rain! Ohhhhhh how I love the rain!). 

Being a former east-coaster, I am certainly accustomed to long, cold, snowy winters...and SURPRISE...I kinda dig em'.

They bring back memories of sitting and reading a book by the fireplace after school.
Memories of wearing my pj's inside out at night to ensure a heavy snow-fall and subsequent canceled school day.

Memories of one snow-storm that was so big, we were literally snowed-in for a week.
A glorious week spent making shadow puppets on the wall and drinking lots of hot cocoa.

Sometimes during these nostalgic moments, I wish that I could step back in time and relive these moments.
I wish that I could be back at home, under my parents care.
I find myself wishing away current worries, responsibilities, and decisions. 

But then, I remind myself that new memories are made everyday.
There lives new possibility and meaning in everything.
How exciting is that?

Sitting here, watching the wonder in a child's eyes as he experiences the snow for perhaps the 4th time in his little life, I am in awe.

In awe of the fact that one day, I will be a parent and will get to relieve all the moments that I loved as a child through the eyes of my kiddos.

Life is incredible.

I am blessed everyday that I get to experience its wonders.

 The baby monitor has ceased its buzzing, so I'd better go!

Time to show this other little one his first snowfall ever.

Quote of the Day

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