Tuesday, October 30, 2012

To make you think, laugh, smile, and "awwww"

Have you ever had one of those  lazy enjoyable Sunday afternoons where all you wanna do is watch youtube videos? 

Duh. Of course you have.

Well this Sunday was one of those awesomely lazy ones.

I found some gems that I just have to share.

You know how sometimes even though chocolate is AMAZING you crave something fruity? (Let's be honest though...when do I not crave chocolate?)

Or those days when instead of sweet, you crave salty? 

Lucky for you, I have videos to suit everyone's taste-buds .

1. If you are craving a game-changer, this video is for you.

So the "I hate when I chew mint gum and my ice water is too cold" comment....has definitely been said on more than one occasion by yours truly. Hearing my subconscious thoughts in this context really made me think about all the annoying little things, that really aren't so bad after-all.

2. If you are craving something to make you laugh:

Am I the only person that falls asleep listening to the lull of Liam Neeson's voice?! It is like a freaking lullaby!

  3. I you are craving something to make you smile, look no further!

Wasn't that awesome! Seeing the creativity of others never ceases to make me smile in amazement. Our bodies are indeed beautiful, powerful things!

4. Last, but certainly not least, here comes the "awwwww".

Warning: Baby hungry folks beware.

Why don't I look this cute when I am sleepy?! 

I hope you guys are all having an awesome Tuesday! If not, I hope these videos made things at least a tiny bit better :)

Quote of the Day:

                                                                   Source: girlmeetsbanjo.tumblr.com via Ashley on Pinterest

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Amy said...

loved all the videos! the contemporary dance one reminded me of Kirsi's dance show we went to together freshman year... and of course secret garden!!! We were almost as good as the people on this video... ALMOST.