My bucket list

1. Be in two places at once
2. Learn how to snowboard
3. Go to a John Mayer concert
4. Learn how to make bread
5. Lie outside and watch the stars with someone special
6. Go to Chinatown
7. Go to Italy and eat delicious food
8. Dance in the rain
9. Go Ice-blocking
10. Relearn how to crochet
11. Make a blanket
12. Get married in the temple
13. Have a bunch of kids
14. Learn how to surf
15. Learn how to play the guitar
16. Watch a sunrise with someone special
17. Watch a sunset with someone special
18. Go see a movie at a drive-in theatre
19. Take ballroom dance classes
20. Plant a garden
21. Tell someone that I love them (romantic)
22. Have a food fight
23. Watch the ball drop in Times Square
24. Take a long walk in the rain
25. Serenade someone
26. Be serenaded
27. Buy a house
28. Buy a car
29. Get engaged
30. Run a marathon
31. Graduate from college 
32. Go skiing
33. Go snowboarding
34. See the Golden Gate Bridge
35. Go skydiving
36. Go to Ireland
37. Bury a time capsule and dig it up 5-10 years later.
38. Send out a message in a bottle
39. Hail a taxi
40. Ride a motorcycle
41. Sleep under the stars
42. Teach myself a new art from scratch
43. Grow a garden
44. Kiss in the rain
45. Swim with a dolphin
46. Fall madly in love
47. Drive from coast to coast
48. Learn another language..fleuntly
49. Plant a tree and carve mine and my husband’s initials
50. Cook something I’ve grown myself
51. Make a kite and fly it
52. Marry someone that makes me laugh
53. Raise children that are strong in the gospel
54. Meet all of my grandchildren
55. Learn how to sew
56. Write a book 
57. Be in a flashmob
58. Get dipped while dancing
59. Run through sprinklers
60. Have a spontaneous, romantic, slow dance
61. Adopt a child
62. Drive a convertible
63. Be a match-maker for two friends
64. Have a spa night
65. Learn to tie a tie
66. Go shootin'
67. Spend the summer, or at least a month, in the Hampton's (I can pretend to be famous haha)
68. Learn to sew
69. Sew a skirt
70. Own a nice DSLR camera and know how to use it
71. Serve a mission with my husband