Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pretty pictures

Whenever I look at beautiful pictures, I feel inspired.
Photographs have a way of not only capturing a moment, but a feeling.

Flipping back through photo-albums takes me back to lazy summer days spent laying on my trampoline with friends.
I am transported back to a time when I had braces, or crazy poofy hair.

I am taken back in time to first crushes, first heartbreaks, and the start of friendships that still exist today.

Pictures have a way of making our hearts happy, or sad.
Their language is universal and their images can be interpreted in many different ways.

When I see this photo....

                                                                          Source: weheartit.com via Brenda on Pinterest

...I feel free and happy. I want to travel and bask in the glow of the warm sun.

When I see this photo............

                                                                                Source: weheartit.com via Elyse on Pinterest

...........I am transfixed by this little girl's gorgeous eyes. It makes me wonder what she is thinking, what she has seen.

This picture.............

                                                                            Source: tumblr.com via Olga on Pinterest

...........makes me smile. Pure and simple.

This pretty picture................

..........makes me dream about a wedding. It makes me think about that special day and I find myself hoping that I feel this light and happy too.

Lastly, some photos........

                                                                         Source: weheartit.com via Ashley on Pinterest

...........may not be breathtakingly beautiful or artistic, but can be quirky and cute. Pictures like these make me smile. They make me happy.

I am a person that is constantly taking pictures of my friends, family, and the world around me. 

While I might not take the best pictures ever, or have the vision of a great photographer, I can still capture memories.

I can still create a memory that I can look back and smile on.....and for now, that is good enough for me.

Quote of the Day:

                                                                    Source: witanddelight.tumblr.com via Ashley on Pinterest

What images do you love?

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ashley.warner said...

totally agree on the photos.
i love looking back at the whack-fashions i was sport in, hair-dos, etc.

i love that quote you shared. thank you so much pretty lady. it's so true!

x - ashley

ps. i am hosting a GIVEAWAY if you're interested....come on over!

Amanda said...

Loving all of these photos, and that last quote is timeless. I try to stop over-analyzing and over-complicating things and just enjoy the moment.

Karina Marie Powell said...

cute cute cute blog!!