Friday, May 11, 2012

Bumblebees really are not THAT cute!

You know how in children's books, bees are always depicted as being super-cute little critters that buzz around happily with their bright little yellow and black bodies shining in the sunshine? (sorry, I got a little carried away)....Well those stories are definitely fiction. 

If you are picturing a little creature that looks like this:

You need to imagine something that looks more like this:

Because the second bee is exactly what I have found in my apartment not once, not twice, but THREE times over the past two days!

These bee's are the huge, fuzzy kind with thick legs....not your regular ole' honey bee that is already scary enough in it's tiny state.

Lucky for me, the bees love my bedroom. As I prepared to get into bed last night, I heard a buzzing sound coming from my window. Assuming that it was just a motorcycle outside, I preceded to climb into bed only to discover that one of THOSE gross bees was climbing all over my freaking bed!

I screamed....grabbed some roommates and after a good freak-out session, we devised a plan to get rid of this disgusting pest. A friend stood nearby with a broom, ready to strike at any moment. A cup was grabbed and placed over the bee, cardboard was slid under said cup, and said bee in cup was thrown out the window...and down came the bee in the outside courtyard, plastic cup and all  (to the tune of "Rock-a-bye Baby")

Normally this experience would be freaky enough on its own...but coupled with the fact that this was the third bee to be found in my room over a two-day period, makes this experience worthy of a horror movie. 

Ok, I know that was a liiitle dramatic....but these bees are scary ya'll!

Obviously, we have an infestation and until pest-control solves the problem, I will be avoiding my room like the plague!

Anywho, I hope you guys have had amazing spring days full of unicorns and rainbows, instead of bees and terror ;) 

Quote of the Day:

Seize the day folks! 

Yes, that means you too bumblebees..... because if I find any more of you in my apartment, it will be the last day of your buzzing little life! True story.

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Brittany Lew Whoo said...

i hate bees! i'm so sorry you had one in your room. i would not be able to sleep in there after that, i'm a big baby!

Ashley Michelle said...

Ughh you and I both Brittany! :)

Judith and Jordan Kester said...

You better be visiting me! You are only 3 and a half hours away! Bring your friends too--we'll head on over to yellowstone and party like it's 1999. ;)

Brooklyn McKenna said...

Those fuzzy bees are SO scary. I hate seeing them, I go into panic mode every time.
Also, I'll pray for you to find a job! It's SO hard to find a job in a college town. Hate it. Good luck :)